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igor trajceski: i love Mystery Case FIles.This...
Sabih : Download Hi nahi ho rahi
amiirah: great game
nrmeen nasr: i like it


25 Jan 2013
Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? After three ghosthounds, sent by evil witch in Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir game, attacked Princess Isabella and have cast away three of four of her Fairy Godmothers during the evil's storm, Bella saw a ghost of her mother, Queen Isabella, telling "meet me at the castle to the north", but it's a witch castle and she turned Bella's mother into a stone decades ago! Bella is a future queen, first born heir to the throne, but now she's vulnerable without her faeries and heading right into a trap! But now, after years of searching, when the Witch has finally revealed herself and has Bella's mother, princess can't stop pursuing her! But Isabella can't face the Witch alone, so she need to seek out her three Fairy Godmothers, using help of the only one left and a teenager dragon! Help Bella to succeed in final version of Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir game for PC!

Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir Game Download

When you come into Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir game macrocosm, you will discover all the charms of wonderful Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle genre. Sometimes in beautiful Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir game you will have to put together different items in brain teasers or use them in some way. In Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir (especially in Collector's Edition) there are galvanic tasks for you as you go on your quest. Nothing extremely anfractuous, you won't be surprised. On this unusual website you can always find glorious dimension's premier PC games, just like Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir.

Using found Dragon's Flute Princess Isabella can always summon a dragon to help her, or example, to warn her about some danger, to remove some heavy obstacles, using Lift Song etc. Now, when wretched Witch has cursed the land, forest around Bella in Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir PC game is pretty dangerous. Even Bella's home was cursed and filled with evil, sealed shut by the curse. But fairy was able to assemble a Magic Wand to get in from the strand of Tangleweed Vines, Poisonous Mushroom Stem and Thorned Rose's Branch. After removing the curse, centralized in Bella's home fireplace, evil was cleaned and huge peace of a forest become peaceful again in Princess Isabella 3: The Rise of an Heir game. But that was only the beginning of her journey...
System requirements:
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 415 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
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