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10 Apr 2013

Read first dialogues of Final Cut 2: Encore game!
(In the underground lab) - Ah, it's you. I was about to call you. I have found a solution to our little problem. All I need is the missing projector iris, and Morton Wolf's greatest invention will work again. Then you will set me free, as agreed. Won't you?
- Bang!
(In the house of Morton Wolf)- Hello, my beautiful sister. I like the renovations so far. I have to admit I was sceptical, but you were right. It's good to give this place a refresh, especially after losing Dad. It's time to start over. By the way, General Porter called yesterday and said he'd stop by. That might be him, at the door. Could you let him in?
- Hey, it's good to see the two of you again. Look at my girl! You must be sweeping fellas fight off their feet! And Frederick, my boy, we could use a man like you in the army!
- Hey, uncle Lee! Good to see you, too. To what do we owe the pleasure?
- Well, I'm afraid I have some bad news, son. I received a call from one of my officers. He told me that someone helped Linda Miller escape the hospital. Given her history with this family, she's a danger to you both. Do you still have the iris? I better take it.
- Oh, dear. That's seriously bad news. Sis, could you go to the library? That's where we hid iris...
Download final version of Final Cut 2: Encore PC game and find out, what happened next!

Final Cut 2: Encore Final Game Download

Final Cut 2: Encore is unexceptionable casual Hidden Object, Adventure, Puzzle PC game with fine aglitter drawing, spirituel sound effects and exquisite convenient game interaction suited for PC players of all ages and skill levels (from tenderfoot to regular). Final Cut 2: Encore game has heaps of colorful features and no flaws.

Adorers of Puzzle genre will undoubtedly like Final Cut 2: Encore. Final Cut 2: Encore game will gratefully entertain all lovers of tops Hidden Object genre. Final Cut 2: Encore is the clinking PC game with hunky-dory pleasing descant and premium prodigious landscapes. Large percentage of Final Cut 2: Encore game maps features typical Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle mechanics.

System requirements:
HDD: 490 MB
RAM: 1024 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
CPU: 1.0 GHz


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