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22 Apr 2014

Long ago dead witch died near the small US town, burned alive and buried far from holy ground. But her spirit didn’t want to leave our world, and now she become strong enough to return and get her revenge in Shtriga: Summer Camp PC Game! On the place, where witch were executed, nowadays there’s a Summer Camp was built, and children, laughing boys and girls are running and playing and sleeping there, ancestors of the witch’s executors. So she decided to make them her victims, and children started to disappear one after another. After disappearance of Peter Wilson, his mother Emily asked your heroine Brenda Livingston for help! Download final version of Shtriga: Summer Camp for PC for free, punish spirit of evil dead witch in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

Shtriga: Summer Camp Game Download

Shtriga Camp game has much more than just Hidden Object Puzzle enigmas to offer. HOPA tasks of all kinds fill Summer Camp game, making it more prodigious. Shtriga: Summer Camp play process suited for PC gamers of all skill levels from old hand to newcomer.

If your Internet connection is fairly fast, you can download playful Shtriga: Summer game in a few minutes. Such components as amazing expedite game interaction, super-duper visuals and relaxing music tracks in overwhelming PC game Shtriga will be evaluated by all Adventure, Puzzle gamers, who are looking for something featured to play.
System requirements:
HDD: 812 MB
RAM: 512 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
CPU: 1.0 GHz
DirectX: 9.0 or above
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