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12 Aug 2015

Face new Ominous object, even more dangerous that everything Mr. Jenkins saw before in Ominous Objects 3: Trail of Time PC Game!

Since the year 1807 your heroine Leia was hunting over the Ominous Objects. She destroyed cursed painting, possessed by some evil force and came to life in that year, broke the Ominous mirror in year 1825. Now two years passed since that and now is year 1827, twenty year anniversary of your hunt. And Leia received strange letter and pocket watch from Glockenverk. When Leia and her fellow sidekick Mr. Jenkins came to Glockenverk they saw that everything is covered with the snow and ice! Looks like all clocks in town gone mad and turning every animal they can reach into ice monsters! Your clock can undo this, but you are alone and clocks are so many! Whole town is under attack, so you have to reach Heinrich Clocksmith local watchmaker, one of the best in country, to get some answers at his clock tower, where people started to go missing during last months! His apprentice Kate may also hold answers, but looks like possessed clocks doesn’t want you to meet her!

Download third installment of Ominous Objects series, face the threat you couldn’t even imagine in this cold Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure and save citizens of Glockenverk from the ultimately strong Ominous Clock!
  • Extras and bonuses!
  • Bonus chapter added to CE!
  • Get detailed Strategy Guide!
  • Play Match-3 instead of Hidden Object scenes!

Ominous Objects 3: Trail of Time Game Download

Ominous Objects III: Trail of Time is good new generation computer game, colorific game's graphic arts has been designed by high-quality PC games developers. Use your Puzzle Hidden Object talents to win so many cool mini-games of Ominous Objects 3: Trail of Time and discover, what prizes were picked by old hand players from whole world!

Jump into awesome environs of Ominous Objects 3 game. Players of Ominous Objects 3: Trail of Time will appreciate that this extraordinary Hidden Object/Puzzle game is voiced, at least in some parts. Ominous Objects 3: Trail of Time is entertaining next generation PC game with delicate descant, superb design and ambrosial depictions.

System requirements:
HDD: 468 MB
RAM: 2048 MB
CPU: 2.5 GHz
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
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