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19 Aug 2014

Play Alice: Behind the Mirror PC game and travel with Alice to the Wonderland once again, this time – to protect the magical land from the evil Jabberwocky! Find out, that the March Hare was given this name in reference to a very popular belief in England. It was said that hares behaves strangely during reproductive period that starts in March. Jabberwocky put a White Rabbit naked to the cage, so Alice must find his clothes and use help of Cheshire Cat and strange bird in the forest to open this cage and get information about Jabberwocky and ways to defeat him on the Wonderland Central Station. Download final version of Alice 2: Behind the Mirror PC game for free, obtain Vorpal Sword to protect the Wonderland in this majestic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Experience a spectacular adventure!
  • Solve various enigmas that block your way
  • Rediscover the legendary characters!
  • Explore places from the classic tale

Alice 2: Behind the Mirror Game Download

Alice 2 is the posh PC game with so many challenging challenges, esoteric bounties and involute mysteries. Everyone, even Hidden Object, Puzzle fans will be pleased in Alice 2: Behind the Mirror. Alice II has many incredible parts of the gameplay.

Alice 2: Behind the Mirror is featured Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure PC game that will become real jobs for you with a whole lot sinuous impediments. You better embark into Behind the Mirror Realm and discover all advances of Hidden Object/Adventure/Puzzle timeless genre! Even worshippers of aforementioned breezy Adventure games genre will undoubtedly like intriguing Alice Episode Two game, as well as newcomers, who just entered the reality of flawless casual games.
System requirements:
RAM: 2048 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX: 9.0
CPU: 1.0 GHz

Ghosts of the Past: Bones of Meadows Town Collector's Edition

03 May 2014

Be prepared to solve puzzles for your life in Wonderland Adventures: Planet of the Z-Bots PC Game and not only for your life but for life of all citizens of the Wonderland – your dear home. Evil robots came from other dimension, wreaking havoc and destruction, and only you can stop them now! You must visit other worlds to find seven wise masters, able to train and teach you in the hard science of Flash magic, deadly weapon able to defeat evil Z-Bots. And when you will be ready, you’ll visit homeplanet of the robots, covered with industrial garbage and protected by hordes of Z-Bots. Download final version of Wonderland Adventures 3: Planet of the Z-Bots PC Game, defeat the robots and protect your planet in this great Puzzle Adventure!

Wonderland Adventures 3: Planet of the Z-Bots Game Download

Wonderland Adventure: Planet of the Z-Bots, new unputdownable PC game, had been developed by high-quality games makers. Main gameplay process of Wonderland Adventures 3: Planet of the Z-Bots game is straightforward, it forces you to travel from some places to others and collect emotive pot, interacting with them and doing extra than that. And as you do so in Wonderland Adventures 3, you will also come across different enigmas!

Small games, lambent graphic arts, dramatic sound effects, galvanic Daedalian missions of Wonderland Adventures 3: Planet of the Z-Bots will hale your attention for a long time. All Planet of the Z-Bots parts are elaborate but stylish. Combination of genres, based on fancy Puzzle mechanics in topnotch Wonderland Z-Bots game will take breath of all aficionados of such PC games.
System requirements:
HDD: 165 MB
CPU: 600 Mhz
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX: 6.0 or above
RAM: 128 MB
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